Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet (STRQ)

The Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet (STRQ) was born out of an exploratory effort to fuse intricate masterpieces of Caribbean, African, American, and European composers. With the steeldrum at the helm, STRQ is undoubtedly the world’s most eclectic ensemble. As a steeldrum musician, Thwaites’ vision was to compile a cadre of talented musicians in a manner that would authentically present the steel drum and its deeply rooted history, while simultaneously pushing the instrument and culture to uncharted territories. Bringing together elements of jazz, rhythm and blues, hip hop, afro-beat, and calypso, STRQ pushes the limits of innovation, while remaining loyal to authentic world sounds.

With STRQ, Thwaites is actively reviving the birth of cool contemplated by Miles and realized by those who have used this approach as their musical foundation, such as Robert Glasper, Christian Scott, Esperanza Spalding, and Kendrick Lamar. 

STRQ’s music is a healer, a weapon, a legal drug. It truly doesn’t get any better.

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Element Brass Band is the premier brass band in Sacramento, CA and one of the few authentic second line bands on the West Coast! Second line is a long standing tradition with brass band parades, born out of New Orleans. The tradition is rooted in post-Civil War America with musical ties and lineage dating back to early West African culture. The main line, also known as the first line, is the first section in a brass band parade. The first line is led by members of the respective club who hold a parading permit. In the first line of the parade you will also find the brass band. Those who follow behind the parade to dance and enjoy the music are known as the second line; this means YOU! Second line parades generally lack the slower hymns and solemn music of "jazz funerals," also a common tradition in New Orleans. The second line style of traditional dance, known as "second lining," includes exaggerated movements, loose coordination, and a freedom of interpretation. Brightly colored parasols and handkerchiefs being held high are common to brass band parades.
Second line music represents freedom, history and celebration of life itself!



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